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Baby Goat Cuddling


We have wrapped up our baby goat cuddling for the season.

We are hosting The KC and surrounding area CHS Community

Sunday June 9th 10 am- 1pm for a Free farm event.

No tickets needed, make the drive up to the farm and enjoy! 


We offer a fun in-closed space to sit down and let the baby goats come to you for snuggles and play time. You will also be able to go visit our older goats on the fence line, as these are domesticated working livestock they love human affection.


There is a small sand box and play area for those in the family that aren't into the farm life. 


We do have a few baby cows on the farm you can visit on the fence line and say hello too, though they are normally napping in the sunshine mid-day most of the time.  

* Please do not bring any dogs no matter what size to the farm or plan on leaving them in your car while visiting*

The farm is located on a dead-end road with a windmill marking the drive. 

1674 sw 212st. Plattsburg MO 64477

Note the gravel roads can be muddy on rainy weeks.  

Cost? By donation only on Friday and Saturdays. Times are hard for everyone. 

There will be donation jars on tables for cash and venom scan codes on the tables for silent spring farm.

Make a day of being out, here is a list of other kid friendly spots we hit frequently with our boys. 

Having a cheeseburger in Paradise at Captains Corner then rounding off the meal with Ice-cream across the street should be at the top of your list! 

Clay County Parks has over 20 miles of walking and biking trails. 

Lathrop MO just got a new amazing park installed.

Kearney MO has three parks.   

Smithville MO has two parks. 

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