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Animals for sale 
Every year we have a few animals for sale. 
2023 sales are finished
prices range from $500 - $750 for does in milk.
some years we do offer dry yearling for sale, prices range from $350-$500.
Doe kids are $350 each 
We always have buck kids that need grazing homes, if they leave the farm with in the first four weeks we happily let them go for $45 each. We do package deals if you take more than two. 

Get on our waiting list for Milking does and Doe kids.

If you are in the northeast part of Missouri Contact Jessica Krause. Jesscia always has a few milkers for sale each year and lots of doe kids. We all work together as a big network. Jessica runs a herd four times the size of ours. If you want a good milking does, working with Jessica is a great start. 

Those who are looking for animals in the Northwest part of Missouri we love working with Whit's End Farm. Erika runs a great herd of goats at her small grade A dairy.  We love our W.E. Farm doe!
Just give her a shout to see what she has for sale. 

Another breeder located in Kansas is Levi with PANACEA DAIRY GOATS.
Get on Levi's wait list in the fall. He has outstanding animals who place top ten at nationals every time they attend. We are so pleased to have two of his girls here. Looking forwarding to bringing in more milkers from his line in 2024. 

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