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Raw Milk From the Farm

Hello raw milk seekers!


2024 Milking season starts May 1s​t.

This year we will be doing a farm stand pick up. 

For more of a hands-off farm stand feel we have set up a small display on the back porch for Milk,

 Eggs, soaps, flowers, seeds, honey, candles, veggies, canned and baked goods sales. 

To join our milk program, I ask for at least a two days' notice for a half gallon or more. I do put extra milk in the fridge if we have it, anything extra is fair game for that day's sales.


Text Lexy 816-935-9717

We require a $15 jar deposit to get you started in the program each year or a case of Ball half gallon glass jars.

Raw milk for human consumption is $10 a gallon. 

We do offer Pet milk for $5 a gallon in reused plastic jugs. I have a 2-gallon minimum for pet milk leaving the farm. Goats milk freezes amazing for pet milk. We suggest freezing 16 oz of milk in freezer quart bags

Rules for Raw Milk Pickup

We take Venmo, PayPal, and checks.

Farm pick up only.

pre order your milk by at least two days.

Bring back extra clean jars.

pick up with a cooler or cooler bag with ice or ice packs to keep milk at a stable temp.

Be respectful to our farm, our time, and our animals. 

It is your choice to pasteurize. Those families feeding infants have pasteurized and froze the milk in breast milk bags having grand success. 

We do offer farm fresh chicken eggs for $4.50 dozen.

we have a local source for duck eggs for $7 a dozen. (preordered)

Those who want goat cheese and goat milk yogurt can make it at home. Missouri state law prohibits the sale of cheese and yogurt if you do not have a grade A set up that is inspected by the state. I will be more than happy to show you how easy it is to make.

Bringing back dirty jars more than twice will get you booted from the program for the season.

If you show up to the farm unannounced without any communication, you will be asked to leave. We find that intrusive and very disrespectful. I cultivate really amazing relationships with all of our milk pickups. I value you, and your business. You need to value our way of life; it allows us to provide such an amazing product. 

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