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Thoughtful and Creative Party Favors
Semi Custom Party Packs for any Event

Oval guest soap size

We offer 45 1.3 oz oval bars of one scent.

8 weeks pre ordered required. 




Mini loaf bars

Using our Square bars and cutting them into thirds giving 50 mini loaf bars.

Ideally this would be pre ordered 8 weeks also. That being said, I'm great about staggering soap in stages coming out of the workshop so I'm able to offer this sooner than 6 weeks if you are not picky on the scent. I enjoy being flexible when I can due to the fact it does take 4 weeks for our soap to cure. 


Packaging options

 Craft Brown or White Bag.

Customers may provide different bags but will not receive a discount. 


Scent options

There are endless possibilities when it comes to scent. For those who are ordering 100-350 party favors you have the options of having a verity of scents for your guests. 

Most wedding parties we are working with are planning these months in advance and that comes to your advantage when it comes to choosing a custom scent. You will have the option of coming to the farm and going through the sample bottles we have, or I can show you where to order sample bottles and you can have all the fun figuring out what you may want. You can make it as fun and hands on as you want including making your own soap. 

You bet! We will host you in the workshop and you can add your own personal flair! I will walk you through it all! 

There is a $10 upcharge for all natural essential oils if you wanted to go the all-natural rout.

Semi-Custom Labels available for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and bridal showers. 

We can add your personal wedding LOGO to the label!  

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